What if I didn't want to tell you my life to sell my shit?

I like to break the barriers of creativity.
Go where no one has dared to go before. Think new thoughts. Thinking about thinking.
Exploring new ideas and the full spectrum of human experience.
Oscillate from the mindless to the mindful with no transition or shame in between.
Thought provoking where reason end and madness begins.
Do things just because no one else would. Not knowing what I'm doing but doing it anyway. That's how I tend to roll most of the time... The closest think I can think of to label myself would be a meta-thinker. If that sounds a bit pompous to you that's because you think it is. Doesn't mean that it is. Don't always believe what you think. Don't fall for it.

What I do
Writing a random book, writing a sequel exclusively on weed ("Green Edition"), do an online sex change, writing mind-bending meta material, an epic sci-fi diptyque screenplay where religion meets Silicon Valley, the same story seen from two different perspective... Male & Female... 

My current project is to redesign religion. After that, if no one has done it till then and I didn't change my mind, I'll rethink politics, life and I don't want to finish this sentence.

That's all I care to remember at this point in time. I'll fix this copy later on, but maybe not, in the name of pretending not to give a damn about it.

what I write

random non-fiction, wacky Short stories, mind-bending Screenplays